De groei van Nortek brengt nieuw talent aan boord !

Nortek vierde dit jaar haar twintig jarig bestaan. We mogen hierbij veel nieuwe professionals verwelkomen. Nortek maakt een sterke groei door die veroorzaakt wordt door langdurige technologische innovatie.

Dit zijn de mensen die in 2016 onze teams zijn komen versterken. 

 Elsa Elsa Defachelle, Technical Sales Engineer (France).
Elsa came to Nortek after having worked as an offshore engineer in the oil and gas industry in Malaysia. She studied at Ecole Centrale in Nantes, France, where she specialized in hydrodynamics and ocean engineering. As a Technical Sales Engineer Elsa will advice clients on technology selection and execution of oceanographic projects.
 Martin Martin Holbrook, International Business Development Manager – oil & gas
Martin has worked for many years with oceanographic and meteorological instrumentation for use in metocean measurement programs and real-time systems. He gained his experience working at both offshore and onshore facilities in sectors such as oil and gas, mining, ports and harbors, as well as in the public sector.
He has a Bachelor of Engineering from the Australian Department of Defense, where he specialized in electronics. At Nortek, Martin will explore opportunities as Global Business Development Manager for the oil and gas sector. 
 Claire Claire Cardy, Technical Sales Advisor (UK)
Claire has worked with statistical analysis of long term metocean datasets, and has been involved in developing wave and current models on a range of scales. She also has experience with quality control and data analysis of metocean measured datasets. Claire studied oceanography at the National Oceanography Centre in Southampton, with a specialization in physical oceanography. As a Technical Sales Advisor at our UK office Claire will help clients define viable technical solutions for clients.
 Kevin Kevin Frost, Technical Sales Representative (USA)
Kevin has studied civil engineering and ocean engineering at the University of Florida and Texas A&M. Kevin gained work experience from the Hurricane Research lab at the University of Florida, and in a coastal resiliency research group at Texas A&M. In his role at Nortek Kevin is focused on academic and research sales in the US, with a special emphasis on Nortek’s “Signature” product line. 
 Jeremiah Jeremiah Ness - Technical Sales Representative (USA)
Jeremiah has worked with marine biology and ecology in Norway, and has extensive experience from the aquaculture industry. He studied biology at Concordia College of Moorhead in Minnesota, and marine ecology at the University of Nordland (now Nord University) in Bodø, Norway. Jeremiah will be involved in sales and technical support aimed at the aquaculture industry and scientific community in North America and the Caribbean.
 Jatin Jatin Sharma – Development Engineer
Before joining Nortek, Jatin has worked as a network engineer in the telecommunications industry. He studied electronics at the University of Oslo, and electronics and communication engineering at DAV Institute of Engineering and Technology in India. Interestingly, for his master thesis he developed a wide band echo sounder receiver circuit for the detection of fish. At Nortek Jatin works with testing and development of our electronics platform.
 Meghan Meghan Cook, Office Manager (USA)
Meghan has been working in office administration for the past years, and specializes in handling daily operations while managing business growth. She studied communications and psychology at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. At Nortek, Meghan manages financial and sales support administration, daily operations, order fulfilment and international logistics.
 Cathrine Cathrine Christensen – Graphics Designer
Cathrine previously worked as a graphic designer within the maritime shipping sector, and studied graphic design at Norges Kreative Fagskole. As our in-house graphic designer she works hard to give an appealing and professional visual form to the marketing material that communicates the essence or Nortek’s technology.  
 Stephen Stephen Weare – Sensor Technician
Stephen first studied to be an aircraft mechanic through the Royal Air Force, where he mainly worked on Puma and Chinook helicopters, as well as Tornado jet fighters. He later went to study watchmaking and fine mechanics, specializing in servicing and repair of small watches.Stephen works as a Sensor Technician at Nortek’s production facilities in Norway, and here he focuses on making and testing transducers for our instruments.
 Rune Rune Nordgaard – General Manager, Nortek Japan
Before joining Nortek Rune has worked in different industries in Japan for more than 20 years. There, he has worked in the construction and pharmaceutical industries, and has also helped major Norwegian corporations establish their Japanese divisions. He has an engineering degree in mechatronics from University of Agder in Norway. At Nortek, Rune will work as the General Manager for our new division in Japan. His target is to build up a strong sales and service organization in Japan, to provide premium service to the Japanese market.
 Eirin Eirin Leirfjord – Development Engineer
Eirin has been working mainly as a software developer before coming to work at Nortek. She studied electronic engineering at Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, and has a Master in cybernetics and industrial IT from the University College of Southeast Norway. At Nortek Eirin will work as a Development Engineer, developing software tailored to our instrumentation.
 Bjorn Bjørn Terje Møller – Sensor Technician
Bjørn Terje studied electronics and CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machining, and has long worked as an operator of CNC machinery. At Nortek he focuses primarily on running our CNC machinery, thus contributing to the production of our instruments.
 Margot Margot Øverbø – Sensor Technician
Margot has studied industrial production and chemistry at school, and completed her formal qualifications while working as a process operator at Yara International ASA, a global firm specializing in agricultural products and environmental protection agents. At Nortek, Margot works as a sensor technician and is a part of the team that produces our instruments at our HQ outside Oslo, Norway.