SeaDarQ monitors currents around 20 mln m2 of sand
The Sand Motor is an innovative method for coastal protection. The Sand Motor (also known as Sand Engine) is a huge volume of sand that will be applied along the coast of South-Holland at Ter Heijde in 2011. Wind, waves and currents will spread the sand naturally along the coast of South-Holland. This is called ‘Building with Nature’. The Sand Motor will gradually change in shape and will eventually be fully incorporated into the dunes and the beach. The coast will be broader and safer.
Z-Cell Used In Catlin Arctic Survey 2011
Nortek’s Z-Cell, Aquadopp Current Profiler has been selected by a top team of scientists, working on the Catlin Arctic Survey, to provide current data of water under the Arctic Ice sheet.
Team Deploys Aquadopp with Inductive Modem Through Ross Ice Shelf
Researchers from WHOI, NIWA and Victoria University (NZ) get real-time velocity data from five Nortek Aquadopp Current Meters with integrated inductive modems deployed through 275 m of ice in Antarctica.
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